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Doron speaks for all kinds of audiences and congregations around the world on many subjects. 

Here is a sample of some of Doron's most popular lectures. All have been given with great success dozens (and in some cases hundreds!) of times with many references available. Great talks on other subjects are also available. Each talk will be tailored to your community's needs. Please note: there are many titles possible for each talk.

Raising Kids To LOVE Being Jewish

An entertaining, interactive, and easy-to-remember and implement seminar for parents and grandparents. Through incredible stories, jokes, and exercises, this talk has literally been life-changing for audiences world-wide, and helped parents get more involved Jewishly - for themselves and their kids.  Watch a sample of one version of this talk on the video section of this site. Topics covered include:

  • "We're Not Religious. How do we keep our kids Jewish?"
  • Principles & Practical Tips
  • "Our Family is Not Exactly Typical..."
  • "We're Intermarried but raising the kids as Jews..."
  • Dealing with Holidays and Lifecycle Events
  • Jewish Education: Your Kids and You

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Why Be Jewish?

Where does Pride in one's heritage become prejudice against others? How can a modern and open-minded person be proud of their Jewish heritage? What is there to be proud of anyway? This talk is informative, academic, funny and above all: thought-provoking and entertaining. Subjects Include:

  • Jane Austen and Mr. Darcy
  • Ethnocentric, Omnicentric and XenoCentric: Who do we like?
  • Multiculuralism Today. For or against?
  • Jewish Pride: Xenophon's Classic Anabasis; Jewish Nobel Prize Winners; The Zionist Idea
  • Jewish in heart or on sleeve?

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Why am I here?

Inside, we often feel that we were meant for something. But what is it? How do we figure it out?

This fascinating, uplifting and life-altering talk gives a simple, practical system where each of us can - within an hour- zero in on our goals in life. 

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How to turn marriage into a HAPPY MARRIAGE

This humorous yet practical and deep lecture attracts listeners - many marriages are in trouble these days and people want solid advice on how to improve their lives. Doron has spent years researching the subject of marital success and uses his trademark fun, informal style to impart the main conclusions of his and current well as Jewish wisdom. Subjects include:

  • what is happening to marriages today? why?
  • what can you do if your spouse is at fault?
  • the three keys to a successful marriage
  • anecdo's and anecdon'ts...

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Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View

Historically, cremation was one of those things that Jews simply didn’t do. Today, cremations account for at least 25% of Jewish deaths in North America and Europe – and the numbers among the Jewish community and wider society are rapidly on the rise. Most Jews today struggle with the decision themselves or have a close relative who does so. The burial vs. cremation question – rarely discussed in a way modern audiences can relate to - is a unique subject that people think about, talk about and wonder about. This subject is of interest to middle-aged Jews planning their wills and making decisions about their elderly parents, seniors thinking about the future, and young people dealing with family issues and/or interested in spirituality and New Age thinking.  Many alternate titles exist.   View a video sample of one version of this talk in the video section of this site.

 Subjects covered will include:
  • Current Trends in the post-death industry
  • Funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoria: Big Business
  • Why people cremate – in the past and present
  • Why bury?
  • How to talk about this subject
  • Your role in your relatives’ decisions 

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Happiness in 3G

Most people today in the Western world, despite the recession, lead unique lives: We have it easier than almost any generation in history. We have more things. We have adequate leisure time. And yet as far as we can tell, our generation is not any happier - and perhaps far less so. High divorce rates. Huge numbers of people in therapy or on anti-depressants.  For many, a gnawing sense of … emptiness. Without drugs, cults, or intensive therapy, many of us CAN have happier lives by understanding a few principles. In this lively talk, we will discuss:

·         Are people happy? How do we measure happiness?

·         The relationship between money, free time and happiness

·         Three Keys to a Happier Life

·         Happiness as a goal or a means?

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John Lennon & The Jews: Jewish Pride Seminar

This interactive talk is appropriate (in different versions) for tweens, teens and college students. It has been inspirational and effective around the world to audiences of all backgrounds. Volunteers are asked to sing and then analyze a John Lennon song, read a short editorial and figure out why being Jewish is special. Subjects include:

  • John Lennon vs. Canada
  • Homogeneity or Universalim
  • What should WE be proud of anyway?
  • Jewish survival, contribution, and return
  • Feel the connection
  • Preparing for university
  • Raising a Jewish family
  • Interactive Math contest: what can one person do anyway?

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How to be a Good Husband

Rita Rudner once said, "I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage.They've experienced pain and bought jewelry."

Marriage is wonderful, but difficult. The high divorce rates today prove it. Typically, women read extensively and go to talks about improving their relationships. This hilarious and effective talk helps men improve their marriages and their lives. For Men Only. Topics include:

  • The Definition of Marriage
  • The Three AAA's: Attention, Appreciation, Affection
  • The Yoke of Marriage
  • Mashpia and Mekabel, Leadership and Honor

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The Kabbalah of Failure (and Success!)

Using a fascinating political biography as a backdrop, this unique talk presents the idea that success and failure are not separate phenomenon at opposite ends of the spectrum, but rather that they often walk hand in hand. Life is about trying, not succeeding. Some subjects include:

  • The Curious Coincidence of Success and Failure
  • The Shattering of the Vessels
  • Is Life about success? What about failure?
  • What are we here for? You may be surprised ...

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Spirituality For Normal People

When many people think of spirituality today, they get turned off. Images of eastern mystics and meditation don't sit well with more than a few educated Western Jews. How can "rational" people connect to spirituality. How can someone who is not touchy-feely connect to G-d? Subjects covered include:

  • The Seven Minute Shabbat Experience
  • If you hated the Jews, what would you do?
  • Jewish Spirituality vs. other spiritualities
  • Feeling Spiritual vs Being Spiritual

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A Lesson In Caring

Do we care about what we love or love what we care about? Using personal stories, parables, funny jokes, and a simple but profound teaching of the Kotzker Rebbe, this talk explores how we can indeed choose what we will care about, and teaches in a lively manner how to set priorities make a difference in life. Subjects include:

  • The Russians and The Rebbe
  • My enemy in Jerusalem
  • Benjamin, Judah and Jacob
  • Parents and Children: The meaning of Love
  • What Do You Want To Care About?

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Freedom, Passover, Bob Marley and the Jews

A funny, informative discussion on the meaning of Passover, Life, and Freedom. This special pre-Passover talk is suitable for all ages and groups, and is carefully designed to deepen Jewish pride, knowledge, & desire to learn. Subjects discussed include:

  • Bob & the Jews: A Rastafarian Passover.
  • Pepsi-Free and Judenrein: What is Freedom?
  • The Spirituality of Matzah
  • Celebrating the Physical
  • Worldwide Connection

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How to Find and KEEP Your Soulmate

This positive and engaging talk uses many stories and jokes to teach some basic lessons about marriage. Discussing current views of marriage, Doron brings to the fore several interesting and central points that are rarely discussed. Individual topics include

  • What's love got to do with it?
  • Billy Joel and Practical Compatibility
  • The Meaning of Giving
  • Saying Thank You
  • Where to find your soulmate

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