Doron Kornbluth


Visiting Israel

Doron is a master educator & inspirational Israeli Tour Guide

Presently, he is offering TWO amazing day-tours in Israel. Each is private for YOUR family or group.

(1) Old City of Jerusalem. Jewish Quarter. Walk on Walls. 930 am - 530 pm. 
(2) Bet Shemesh area: Elah Valley where David fought Goliath, Tel Beit Shemesh, and much more

contact doronkornbluth @ gmail for more information



"Imagine bringing two high school boys to Israel for their first time during their precious spring break vacation.  Both boys initially rebelled when we told them where we were taking them; to which their response was:  “We have better things to do”.  We aren’t a religious family, and both boys would have much preferred any place with fewer museums, memorials and monuments.  Yet, it wasn’t more than half-way through our fast-paced 9-day trek when both boys exclaimed how thrilled they were to be on this trip (with their parents, no less), and mostly because our tour guide was “cool” "amazingly smart”, and let them interrupt and ask whatever questions popped into their heads!  He helped make everything from historical lifestyles to biblical references to tasting vegetables they had never heard of, to modern day pop references, relevant to their lives.  He didn’t just spout expected facts, figures or historical dates; he brought life to their lives. As a result, our family trip became much more of a family adventure because of Doron Kornbluth, who was all this, and much more.  Now, both boys want to go back to Israel (one wants to apply to Hebrew University) and both can’t wait to go on Birthright ..." Jeff and Cindy Ullman, Boulder, Colorado

(Rabbi) Doron Kornbluth is a guide in every sense of the word.  (During our two week stay in Israel), he created a plan for us that fulfilled our needs by choosing sites that informed us historically and spiritually--his knowledge in both areas is vast.  We saw so many sites that we had never seen on traditional tours.  Doron went above and beyond expectations by contacting people to provide us with additional information about Israeli community living, as per our quest--we are hoping to make aliyah.  In addition, he offered advice--respectfully, according to our unique needs, and with wisdom.  He has a warm personality and the ability to be flexible. We were blessed to being directed to Doron as a guide, and could not imagine anyone else being more gracious or more competent.  As you can see, we recommend him without hesitation. 
With gratitude--
Chaim and Tziporah Sharp
Riverdale, NY

"Doron's tour guiding is superb. He left our group not only highly informed but also deeply inspired. Members of our group could not stop talking about their experience. We look forward to our next trip with Doron." Rabbi Eli Silberstein, Ithaca, NY (Cornell)

"Traveling to Israel with four children in tow is a lot of work! We decided to make the most of our trip (and our "job" as parents) a little easier, and hire a tour guide to show us the Old City. We certainly made the right choice hiring Doron! Not only did he keep all of our children engaged the WHOLE time (ages 10, 8,6 and 3) but he gave us an amazing tour and took us places we surely would not have been able to see without him! G-willing we will make it back to the Holy Land for our eldest son's bar mitzvah in a couple of years, and Doron will definitely be one of the first people we call when making plans to tour the country!" Kendra Fuchs, Los Angeles

"The highlight of our trip to Israel was the time we spent touring with Doron — his breadth of knowledge of Christian and Moslem history in addition to traditional Judaism gave dimension and perspective to our tour — he explained not just a chronology of events, but the differences in philosophy and culture that continue to impact Israel and the Middle East today. It was not just informative, but inspiring!" Scott & Susan Linton, Milwaukee

"My son and I had the privilege of touring in Israel with Doron. Not only was he very knowledgeable but he was extremely engaging and brought the history alive ... The time we spent with him was both fun and fascinating... I look forward to the next time I will be able to see the land through his creative eyes."  David Begoun, Chicago


Doron’s tours are such a hit with both kids and parents that our synagogue uses him as often as possible.” Yisroel Sherer, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

"We would like to thank you for this amazing experience. We honestly didn't expect it to be this good! Your total combination of knowledge, hashkafa, experience and personality makes you the perfect guide!" Heshy and Etty Surkis, Staten Island, NY.

"I was blown away by Doron's guiding on our Israel trips.  He's a wealth of knowledge and inspiration and the students really enjoyed being with him." Rabbi Yaakov Lynn (Shapell's, Pathways & Pathways Plus)



Doron is an experienced and popular tour guide in Israel. With his multi-faceted background and experience, he is uniquely qualified to create and lead incredible and powerful Israel experiences.

Doron works with:

  • Groups of all kinds

  • Synagogues of all kinds

  • Families of all kinds

  • Individuals of all kinds

Some Highlights

  • Famous tourist sites with unique stories, history, and background to make it all make sense

  • Specialized off-the-beaten track experiences

  • Student and youth inspiration programs

  • History, archeology, and heritage explained in an easy-to-understand and connect-to manner

  • Adventure Tours

  • Spiritual Tours for all ages

Please contact Doron at doronkornbluth @ for more information.

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