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(Frequently Asked Questions)

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Who do you speak for?

I speak for all types of Jewish audiences. I regularly speak to Jewish teens, college students, YP's, communities, and seniors. Some audiences are are Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Chabad, Charedi, unaffiliated - you name it!

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Can I contact your references?

With pleasure! 

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What are your most popular talks?

Depends on each situation - let's talk about ideas

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Do you have any technical requirements?

Small groups require nothing at all. Larger groups require a mobile microphone and a small riser to stand on. Nothing expensive to rent or difficult to set up. No lectern is necessary at all.

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How should the room be set up?

The more informal the better.  People enjoy audience participation  - I ask questions, take votes, call up volunteers, etc. It is important that I can move around.

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Do you have advertising we can use?

Look at the page entitled "publicity"

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How much notice do you need before a talk?

Most talks are arranged 4-6 months before. However, there are sometimes gaps in Doron’s speaking schedule even 1-2 months before a speaking tour. Never hurts to ask.

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What size crowd do you require?

I have spoken for groups ranging from 10-550, with everything in between. There is no minimal requirement.

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What if we cancel?

HOSTS PLEASE NOTE: Any cancellation within three months of the scheduled talk is on your responsibility to fully pay for or find an appropriate replacement.

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